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O’Connor House continues the lifetime work of Sandra Day O’Connor to advance civil discussion and civic action. We work to build consensus and help craft solutions to vital public issues, in an environment of mutual respect and shared purpose for a better state and nation.

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Distinguished Speakers Series



Dr. Vaira Vike-Freiberga

On October 14th, the former President of Latvia, Dr. Vaira Vike-Freiberga, delivered a stirring address at our Distinguished Speakers Series Luncheon, held at the Arizona Biltmore. During her U.S. visit, she most recently spoke at Harvard and Stanford universities before coming to Phoenix.

She was introduced by Ambassador Barbara Barrett, who noted her remarkable biography. Born in Riga, the Latvian capital, in December 1937, Europe was immersed in the conflict of World War II, with Latvia finding itself occupied by the Soviet Union, then by Nazi Germany, then again by the USSR. President Freiberga lived her childhood in the difficult conditions of German refugee camps. Later moving to Canada, she became a distinguished academician, followed by a meteoric rise to leadership for her native Baltic nation, Latvia.

She played a key role in Latvia’s NATO membership and its ascension to the European Union. During her presidency, Dr. Vike-Freiberga was a Member of the Council of Women World Leaders and was a Special Envoy to the Secretary General on United Nations reform, as well as an official candidate for UN Secretary General in 2006. President Freiberga is the current president of Club de Madrid, which includes nearly 100 former heads of state, presidents and prime ministers.
President Freiberga provided keen insight into world affairs and a deep knowledge on Russia and the Ukraine.

Following her address, Ambassador Kurt Volker of the McCain Institute moderated the Q&A session which was well received by the inspired audience. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor provided closing remarks, expressing appreciation to everyone in attendance.

O’Connor House thanks its luncheon sponsors Jerry Hirsch and the Lodestar Foundation, Ambassador Barbara Barrett and Dr. Craig Barrett, Francis Najafi, Joe Anderson, the Arizona Community Foundation and Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations for their support.




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Oral History Project:

Call For Memories

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What began as a project to move a house, has become an effort to move a state and the nation
In 2006, the historic adobe home of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor was slated for demolition. When a few community leaders met to plan its relocation, they didn't realize that the O'Connor House would become both a physical location and a symbolic movement to rebuild the way Arizona solves its pressing political, economic and social issues.
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"My hope is to

re-create a place that will be a center for problem-solving and for bringing together groups with divergent views."

Society, at all levels, has a need to work together to solve the many challenges facing our state and nation.

What is O'Connor House?

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In the 25 years that John and I lived in our adobe house, we hosted many events – for friends, colleagues, foreign visitors, legislators , members of Congress, and other distinguished individuals. We brought people together from both sides of the aisle (R-D) and from other perspectives to share a home-cooked meal and good conversation, which resulted in a better chance of reaching consensus.

We all know that it's easier to reach agreement with friends—and we make friends through social contacts and shared experiences. When you become better acquainted and enjoy each other's company, you're less apt to be partisan and at odds when you are back at work [in Washington, in the state legislature, in town council meeting or in other venues where people come together to participate in democracy].

I know that it is possible for people to sit down together and engage in cooperative problem solving.

This is what I want O'Connor House to stand for. We can do it.

The possibilities are endless."

- Justice Sandra Day O'Connor