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Distinguished Speakers Series
Smithsonian Institution
Luncheon Receives Raves


A sold out audience was captivated by Smithsonian Institution Provost Dr. Richard Kurin at our recent Distinguished Speakers Series luncheon. Dr. Kurin started his career at the Smithsonian in 1976 and shared his remarkable wealth of information including over 100 images of curated items. Guests were educated and delighted with the presentation. Dr. Kurin embodies the mission of the Smithsonian, "the increase and diffusion of knowledge" and the O'Connor Institute was honored to welcome him to Arizona.




Sandra Day O'Connor Institute

Announces Future Home At 

Arizona Center For Law and Society


The Sandra Day O’Connor Institute has announced that it will be relocating to the new Arizona Center for Law and Society in 2016. The O’Connor Institute will be joining the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law in this state-of-the-art building located at Arizona State University’s Downtown Phoenix campus.

Arizona Center for Law and Society at ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus

The 280,000 square foot building now under construction will feature a public law library and civic outreach center. It will also house the ASU Alumni Law Group, the nation’s first not-for-profit, privately financed teaching law firm, which employs recent ASU Law graduates to represent everyday Arizonans.

The Great Hall, Arizona Center for Law and Society

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Rave Reviews For

Dinner With Churchill!

An elegant crowd assembled at the Camelback Inn where the East Room of the White House was re-created. Guests dined on the same menu served to Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin Roosevelt on December 25, 1941.

Churchill scholar Cita Stelzer, author of "Dinner With Churchill" offered a historical perspective then joined Senator Jon Kyl for a "fireside chat" as everyone enjoyed a traditional British favorite, Plum Pudding.

The evening was a resounding success as news of the collaboration between Arizona State University, the Arizona Center for Law and Society and The Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law was announced.



Oral History Project:

Call For Memories

Do you have a memory, interesting anecdote or item that could be included in the Sandra Day O'Connor Oral History Project? Did your personal or professional path cross that of Justice O’Connor?  Every memory is welcome and individuals are invited to contact the Sandra Day O’Connor Institute with their stories or information via email here.


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What began as a project to move a house, has become an effort to move a state and the nation
In 2006, the historic adobe home of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor was slated for demolition. When a few community leaders met to plan its relocation, they didn't realize that the historic O'Connor family home would become the catalyst for the Sandra Day O'Connor Institute and create a movement to rebuild the way Arizona and the nation solves its pressing political, economic and social issues.
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"Society, at all levels, has a need to work together to solve the many challenges facing our state and nation.

I know that it is possible for people to sit down together and engage in cooperative problem solving.

My hope is to re-create a place that will be a center for problem-solving and for bringing together groups with divergent views.

This is what I want the O'Connor Institute to stand for. We can do it. The possibilities are endless."

~ Sandra Day O'Connor,

U.S. Supreme Court Justice (ret.)


The Sandra Day O'Connor Institute continues the legacy and lifetime work of Sandra Day O'Connor to advance civil discussion and civic action. We work to build consensus and help craft solutions to vital public issues, in an environment of mutual respect and shared purpose for a better state and nation.